Vehicle usage general terms

The car has to be used according to the car manufacturer manuals and guidelines. It is strictly forbidden to use the car in conditions which may decrease the value of the car more than normal wear and tear.


It is NOT allowed to use the car:

  • for driving lessons or rendering of courier services;
  • for commercial towing of a caravan, trailer or other such object;
  • for racing or other competition of any kind;
  • outside the European Economic Area (EEA) without ALD Automotive prior written consent;
  • for hiring, subleasing or passenger commercial service of any kind or any other type of services;
  • for illegitimate activities of any type.

The rental payment INCLUDES (if not stated otherwise in contract):

  • the mileage for the entire leasing period stipulated in the contract;
  • regular compulsory maintenance according to the Vehicle service manual;
  • technical repairs due to normal wear and tear;
  • summer and winter tires, change and storage of seasonal tires;
  • insurance payments for the Vehicle;
  • all taxes and fees stipulated by the law related to the contract and the Vehicle.

The rental payment DOES NOT INCLUDE:

  • fuel and car products;
  • cleaning and washing;
  • installation, removal and repairs of accessories;
  • expenses for damage apart from normal wear and tear (refer to Vehicle restitution guide);
  • fines and penalties;
  • windshield washing liquid;
  • insurance franchise (deductable).