Various insurance cases and recommended actions

Please call the police from the site on 112 in following cases

  1. If any of the conditions occur, when it is not allowed to fill out the Agreed statement
  2. If you find a damage to the vehicle (scratch, dent etc. caused by another unknown car or person)
  3. Collision with an obstacle if damage is caused to third parties property
  4. In case of malicious actions by third person, e.g.:
    • Theft (vehicle, part or accessories: mirrors, wheel covers, radio, personal belongings etc.)
    • Intentional damage to the vehicle (stabbed tires, broken glass, nail scratch etc.)
    • Broken mirror or another car part
  5. If your vehicle has been damaged by another car that has left the place of the accident, but you have noted its plate number or know the guilty person
  6. If snow, ice or an object has fallen on the vehicle from a nearby building
  7. If, after the accident, the vehicle may not be driven further (also in cases when no other car is involved)
  8. A collision with wild animal 

After the police has registered the accident, please inform ALD Automotive within 3 business days!


Please contact ALD Automotive directly in following cases (no need to call the police):

  1. Windscreen damage caused by a stone
  2. If you have caused a damage to the vehicle, e.g. in a collision with an obstacle like pole, pavement border, rock etc. and no damage to third parties property is caused
  3. If you have lost a mud flap, wheel cover, noticed a moulding damage and similar cases

If you are unsure or do not know how to act in the particular situation, please contact ALD Automotive immediately!