The termination of the operational leasing contract implies inevitably the return of the used vehicle to ALD Automotive.

Please refer to the Vehicle Restitution Guide, where you will find a detailed description of the vehicle return process and clear guidelines on which your company car will be assessed upon return.  

Before the expiry of the contract you will receive a notification from ALD Automotive informing you of the return of the vehicle.
Please contact our representative to agree on the vehicle return details: place, date and time.

At the moment of vehicle return ALD Automotive authorized experts will perform the initial damage inspection. The inspection is documented and all damages are photographed. 

An expert fills in the minutes of return that are signed by both parties. In the minutes of return the following is recorded: 

  • the date of the vehicle return;
  • vehicle mileage;
  • the visible condition of the vehicle;
  • the condition of the tires;
  • the presence of the delivered documents, accessories and keys;
  • the status of performing the regular technical maintenance;
  • existence of the service book etc.  

The minutes of return do not detail the vehicle technical condition and ALD Automotive reserves the right to perform a detailed examination of the vehicle after the return.

ALD Automotive authorized experts will issue a damage report based on the evaluation criteria listed in the Vehicle Restitution Guide and damages detected during the vehicle return and detailed examination. Repair costs for any damages that cannot be classified as normal wear and tear and have not been reported and repaired before the vehicle return will be charged to the lessee.

Please remember that all unacceptable damages should always be reported to ALD Automotive as soon as possible from the moment of their occurrence in order to coordinate further actions with our specialists!

In order to return the vehicle smoothly and avoid any costs that might occur to your company, please follow these recommendations:

 1. Please check the presence of following items:

  • Keys (including the spare keys) and security system remote; 

  • Car alarm and radio codes; 

  • Vehicle registration certificate;

  • Properly filled in Service Book (with all maintenance works registered) and Owner’s manual; 

  • All the accessories that were delivered together with the vehicle (e.g. mud guards, floor mats, safety kit, wheel caps, cigarette lighter, knobs, trims, aerials, towing hook etc.); 

  • Spare wheel or the repair kit, the jack, the standard tool kit;

  • Navigation system CD, if any; 

  • Fuel credit card. 

Cost for missing accessories and documents will be charged to the lessee.

2. Please ensure that the car is clean on delivery (both the interior and the exterior), otherwise car cleaning costs will be charged to the lessee.

3. Please remove all stickers and additional devices (e.g. GPS system, towing hook etc.) that have been installed on the vehicle by the lessee during the leasing period. In case the stickers and additional devices are not removed before the return, lessee will be charged for sticker and device dismantling and any possible damages caused to the vehicle upon installation.

4. Please perform regular technical maintenance and technical inspection during the leasing period and make sure that all maintenance works are properly registered in the Service Book. Failure to service and maintain the vehicle as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, resulting in premature component or assembly failure (e.g. engine seizure, metal to metal brakes, transmission failure) is considered an unacceptable damage and will be charged to the lessee.

5. If it is intended to use the car in such conditions that could increase the damage occurrence possibility (cargo or animal transportation, special clothing etc.) please take the necessary steps in order to prevent occurrence of such damages (e.g. equip the car with seat covers, additional boot or cargo space trims or covers etc.).