Tyre change and storage

This service provides:

  • Tire storage at ALD Automotive tire partner. Full tire partners list is available in Service providers section and My ALD mobile app
  • Seasonal tire mountig twice per year
  • Worn out tire replacement to new ones in cases, when the tread depth does not comply with the rules

Tire change is organized as follows:

  • ALD Automotive will inform you, when the tire change season has begun
  • If your car tires are stored in Riga, you can book the appointment electronically on our website. If tires are stored outside Riga, please book your time by calling to the respective tire centre


  • If you have booked tire change appointment but are unable to come to the garage on the time booked, please contact ALD Automotive or the garage and notify thereon!
  • When, after changing the tires, you have driven 150-200 km, please check that all the wheel bolts are tight.  If they need to be tightened, visit the nearest ALD Automotive tire centre.
  • The minimal allowed tread depth for summer tires is 1,6 mm and for winter tires - 4 mm.
  • The use of winter tires is compulsory in the period from 1 December till 1 March.
  • The use of studded tires is allowed in the period from 1 October till 30 April. If you travel outside Latvia, please find out in advance the local rules on studded tires.
  • If the tire tread depth during the season gets close to the minimum or you notice vibrations when driving or a tire needs to be repaired and in similar cases, please contact ALD Automotive Customer Service or the nearest ALD Automotive tire centre.
  • If you wish to change the tire storage place (from next season), please contact ALD Automotive.