Technical maintenance and repairs

Technical maintenance and repairs

  • Please make sure that regular technical maintenance is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions
  • All maintenance and repair works are carried out only by an authorized service provider approved by ALD Automotive. Please make sure that all maintenance works are recorded in vehicle Service Book
  • Any technical maintenance and repair works related to vehicle warranty must be carried out only by the particular vehicle brands authorized dealer service center
  • Other repairs not related to vehicle warranty retention (e.g. lamp or wiper blade change, technical fluid replenishment) may be carried out by other repair shops that are approved as ALD Automotive partners
  • The list of approved partners can be found in Service providers section or My ALD mobile app
  • To apply for technical maintenance or repair please call ALD Automotive or the respective service centre to make an appointment 


  • The recommended interim servicing, not set as mandatory by manufacturer, is not included in rental payment
  • We appreciate your efforts to take care of your car by regularly cleaning it and checking the level of oil and other technical liquids
  • We also appreciate you not smoking in the car


 Customer Card

  • With the ALD Automotive Customer Card our partners will recognize you as a customer of ALD Automotive, therefore please always take it with you 

  • All invoices for maintenance performed or purchases made will be sent to ALD Automotive



  • Please present your Customer Card to service provider prior performing any work
  • ALD Automotive does not accept invoices issued by non-approved service providers