The car you are driving has the:

  • Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability (CMTPL) insurance;
  • Voluntary Motor Own Damage (MOD or CASCO) insurance.


The CMTPL insurance covers the insurance of the civil liability of the owner or rightful user of the vehicle for damage caused to a third person in a traffic accident, i.e. it indemnifies the damage if the driver has caused it to third persons or their property.


The MOD insurance covers the following risks:

  • collision with another vehicle or obstacle;
  • overturn and fall (e.g. from bridge etc.) of the vehicle on the move;
  • collision with pedestrian or an animal;
  • fire, explosion;
  • natural disasters (storm, flood, lightning, hail, earthquake, avalanche, landslide);
  • damages from falling objects;
  • illegal actions by third parties;
  • theft, robbery, burglary, stealing.