With the Fuel credit card issued by ALD Automotive you can:

  • Purchase fuel
  • Purchase car-related goods (e.g. windshield washing liquid etc.)
  • Pay for services available at petrol stations

Invoices on the goods and services purchased will be sent to your company together with the monthly invoice. 


  • To prevent misuse of your Fuel credit card, always keep the PIN in a safe place or preferably memorise it
  • If you have forgotten or lost the PIN, ALD Automotive will issue you a new fuel card or re-send the PIN
  • If your Fuel credit card is lost or stolen, please immediately call:
    • ALD Automotive - phone +371 67783388 (during business hours)
    • CIRCLE K (STATOIL) - phone +371 8000 9005 (outside business hours)
    • NESTE - phone +371 8000 9006 (outside business hours)
    • LUKOIL - phone +371 8000 0208 (outside business hours)
  • When paying with Circle K (Statoil) Europe fuel card, please enter the odometer reading into terminal prior entering the PIN
  • Circle K (Statoil) Europe fuel card is valid in all petrol stations (also abroad) that have Routex logo. More detailed information can be found on www.circlek.lv and www.circlekeuropecard.com