What are your advantages?

Discover now ALD Automotive full operational leasing advantages.

- Your vehicle budget is carefully managed and optimised: you choose the company vehicle(s) that you need; you decide on the term and mileage required; you select any add-ons and you pay a fixed monthly payment that covers each of these criteria.
No surprise and a budget that is spread evenly over the period that suits you.

 - No impact on cash flow: payments are deducted as operating expenses over the period in question and therefore have no effect on the structure of your balance sheet.

 - The day-to-day management of your vehicles is simplified: ALD Automotive experts handle the management and follow-up of your contract from A to Z. They will also provide assistance and close follow up regarding your operating and administrative needs from the vehicle delivery to its final return.

- Your company vehicles policy is homogeneous, delivering a coherent corporate image for you company at optimized cost.

- You increase your staff loyalty and integrate the benefit-in-kind that a company vehicle represents in your HR policy.

You concentrate on your business, we concentrate on your and your colleagues mobility and comfort.