Sale & Lease back

Sale & Leaseback easy solution to outsource the management of your fleet

You presently own and manage your fleet. ALD Automotive can buy your vehicles and lease them back to you so that you benefit from ALD Automotive services and all the advantages of a leasing contract.

ALD Automotive can buy part or all your fleet and lease it  to you for a fixed period and mileage. After this period your vehicles will be renewed with new leased vehicles.

 Your contract includes for a fixed monthly cost:
- Your current vehicles - after a property transfer - for a defined period and mileage,  
- Services to your vehicle such as maintenance, assistance....
- Renewal of your vehicle after a defined period.

The vehicles after property transfer, are fully managed by ALD Automotive until renewal and resale:
- A residual value is estimated for resale at the end of the contract,
- ALD Automotive takes the risk on the resale value of the vehicle at the end of the contract,
- You have the opportunity to buy the vehicle at the end of the contract - either the driver himself or one of your employees.

 Your advantages:

- You can easily move from owning and maintaining your cars to full service leasing, with no vehicles immobilisation,
- You decrease immobilisation, get liquidity back and secure your fleet cost,
- You can concentrate on your core activity.